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¡Hola! You've decided to return your order for a replacement. Please fill in the following form, which will be emailed summarized so the process can begin. We'll confirm the availability of the new article by mail.

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Conditions for a change to be approved:

. the product must be in perfect condition, with all its labels, manuals, instructions, warranties and original packaging.

. in any case material evidence that the product had been used will be accepted.

IMPORTANT: Please do not put tape or stickers directly on the box; wrap the product first.

All items returned in conditions unfit for sale will be returned to the client.


To make the change you need to buy from the website the article CHANGE (20€/50€ depending on the zone*) and we'll arrange the shipment of the product. The product needs to be prepared for the picking up and you need to tell us the address and hours of collection. Once we verify that everything is correct, we will send the new item. Buy the article here

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* Zone 1 includes the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland and Northern Ireland (remember that we do not serve in Corsica or Sardinia)

Zone 2 includes the following countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Romania and the rest of the EEC.

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